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We need 18 workers at each bingo. We have 4 volunteers who are on the phone committee. They call everyone on their list 7 to 10 days before the day of the actual bingo. It is very important that you get back to the person who has called asking for your help so that they can get back to Denise Shalagan with the number of volunteers. We have to give the Bingo Hall 48 hrs. notice of cancellation. Please if you can help us out, we as the ACRID organization would appreciate it. The funds raised are for everyone's benefit.

We need 18 workers at each bingo

To volunteer, contact Janice Keller, [email protected]

Saturday April 8, 2006 (afternoon)

Tuesday July 4, 2006 (afternoon)

Friday July 28, 2006 (afternoon)

Tuesday August 8, 2006 (afternoon)

Wednesday August 23, 2006 (afternoon)

Sunday January 21, 2007 (afternoon)








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