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Vests and T-shirts Galore!!!

We only have 16 fleece vests in stock. Be the lucky ones to sport such an item. These are the same ones which were displayed and sold at the AVLIC 2000 conference.

Cost of vests are $55.00.


We also have quite a few, and I mean quite a few (approximately 500) ASL alphabet T-shirts in all sizes ranging from children's sizes 2-16 and adults S-XXXL.

Cost for T-shirts are $10.00 for childrens and youths, $15.00 for Adults.

Alphabet Tee-Shirts

Packages of either 50 or 100 interpreting invoices. Cost is $10 for 50 and of course $20 for 100.



Another great sale item is the new ACRID lapel pin at a cost of $5

Anyone wishing to order can contact:
Janice Keller [email protected]

We are looking to update our sale merchandise and will keep you informed as we find new and exciting items.