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The Alberta Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf AGM

Sunday, March 26th, 2006
12:00p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Registration 11:45 a.m.
(Brunch 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)

Alberta School for the Deaf
6240 – 113 Street
Edmonton, AB

ACRID Annual General & Special Meeting
Sunday, March 26, 2006, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Alberta School for the Deaf

1. Call meeting to Order & Credentials
2. Introductions & Housekeeping
3. Acceptance of Agenda
4. Acceptance of March 2005 Annual General Meeting Minutes
5. Board Reports
6. Committee Reports
7. Old Business
a. Electronic correspondence (paperless organization)
b. Other
8. Special Meeting – By-Laws
9. New Business
a. Community Updates
b. Financial Motions
c. Protection of Title - motion
d. Other
10. Elections
11. Announcements
12. Adjournment

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Alberta Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Location: Alberta School for the Deaf
Date: Saturday, March 19, 2005
Time: 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

  • Chairperson: Jody Morrison
  • Parliamentarian: Peter Kossowan
  • Interpreters: Carla Dupras and Tanya Adler
  • Transcriber: Cherry Riffin
  • Attendees:
    • Active:
      Debbie Amendt Carol Arink Janice Betty Pam Brenneis Deanna Brouet Elaine Cotton Monica CoughlanLinda Cundy Diane De AndradeRhonda DravinskisYvonne Fowler Andrea FraserJennifer Gehring Fern Heffernan Tracy Hetman Darlene KarranDonna Korpiniski Janice ManchulSusanne MartinColleen Mason Lynn Moroz Jody Morrison Karin Penner Joanne Rocheleau Dona-Marie RossiLorraine RutledgeJason SallingDenise Shalagan Karen SheetsSarah Stewart Leanne Villett-WallsLaurie Ann Wheeler
    • Organizations:
      Alberta Association of the Deaf, Robie Scholefield (Executive Director)
      Edmonton Association of the Deaf, Wes Hawkins (President)
      Connect Society, Colleen Robinson (Executive Director)
      Edmonton Interpreting Services-Connect Society, Patricia Conrad (Manager)

1. Call to Order/Credentials – Jody Morrison

Meeting called to order.
Quorum achieved.

2. Housekeeping/Introductions – Jody Morrison

Introduction of Chairperson, ACRID Board and Parliamentarian.
Welcome to Organization representatives.

3. Acceptance of Agenda – Jody Morrison

There were no additions or amendments to the agenda.

MOTION: MOVED by Lynn Moroz and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi to approve the Agenda. Carried.

4. Acceptance of October 17, 2004 Annual General Meeting Minutes – Jody Morrison

No amendments were suggested or required for the October 17, 2004 Annual General Meeting minutes.

MOTION: MOVED by Janice Manchul and SECONDED by Fern Heffernan to approve the October 17, 2004 Annual General Meeting Minutes. Carried.

5. Board Reports – Jody Morrison

The Board Reports were included in the AGM package distributed to members. Additions to Board Reports:

  • Administrative Secretary Report – Dona-Marie Rossi
    Reminder: the Resource Library is open the second Saturday of each month until June.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Lorraine Rutledge
    The audited Financial Report is currently being processed. Members were presented with a report showing the unaudited revenue and expense figures that were given to the accountant.
  • Professional Development Report – Andrea Fraser
    Andrea Fraser explained the process of holding a workshop and presented an example of next year’s budget. Members were reminded to register for P.D. events before the stated deadline. Several P.D. events have had to be and will continue to be cancelled due to low registration numbers.

There were no questions from the floor regarding Board reports.

MOTION: MOVED by Janice Manchul and SECONDED by Deanna Brouet that the ACRID Board Reports be accepted, for information only. Carried.

6. Old Business - Jody Morrison

There are no old business items arising from the last AGM.

7. Special Meeting – By-Laws – Tracy Hetman

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 3.03 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

3.03 All officers and directors of the Society shall hold office for a two (2) years term from the date of appointment or election or until successors are elected or appointed in their stead. A Board member can serve a maximum of three consecutive terms in any one position.

RATIONALE: housekeeping this section deals with “Terms”; resignations and appointments are dealt with in sections 3.06 and 3.07.

APPLICATION: A member who serves any portion of a term is considered to have “served a term” for the above 3.03 definition. For example, Member A resigns a position and Member B is appointed to fulfill the duties of that position for the remaining six months of the term. Then Member B is elected to that same position for the next two consecutive terms. At the conclusion of that time period, Member B will have served the maximum of three consecutive terms (even though, chronologically, it has been approximately 4.5 years). However, if Member A is re-elected to the same position (after the six month absence), Member A is eligible to serve for three more terms in the same position.

NOTE: To be eligible for honorary membership, a member must serve a total of ten years or more on the ACRID Board of Directors (it need not be consecutive years, simply an overall total).

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 3.04 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

3.04 The officers and directors of the Society are elected to office by the membership. and the directors by slate. Directors shall be appointed to their portfolios at the first meeting of the Board of Directors following the annual general meeting of the Society. Elections shall be held every two years at the Society’s annual general meeting. for Board positions eligible for election that year.

· to reflect the will expressed by the membership for some years
· parallels AVLIC’s system of elections
· allows members to seek specific portfolios of interest
· allows democratic process for membership should more than one member seek the same position
· human nature is to invest a higher level of commitment when working in areas of specific interest

RATIONALE FOR UNSTAGGERING THE ELECTIONS: The ACRID Board of Directors has operated under the “staggered election” for some years, and feels the following negative impacts outweigh the positive aspects of operating in this structure:
· Board efficiency is reduced as a great deal of time is spent in orientation and planning sessions due to the introduction of new board members every year.
· Less stability in the team environment due to annual change over, shared two year term would bring equal (parallel) commitment.
· It was felt the change would enable the Board, as a whole, to set, work toward and accomplish the set goals and complete a full term before moving on to other positions of interest.
· There is an incredible amount of time spent tracking which positions are due for elections, which becomes particularly confusing when members resign and new members are appointed to the board for partial terms.

TRANSITION: During the March 2005 AGM, elections will be held for those positions due for election under the staggered board structure. If the above proposed changes are ratified, and approved by the appropriate government authority, then at the Spring 2006 Annual General Meeting, all Board positions (officers and directors) will be open for election for a two-year term (2006 – 2008). The Board members who were elected in 2005 will be considered as having “served a term” as defined earlier in section 3.03.

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 3.07 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

3.07 If a vacancy is created for any reason set out above, the remaining Board of Directors, by majority vote shall by appointment, fill the vacancy with an active member appoint an active member to fulfill the duties of the vacated position until the conclusion of its term.

RATIONALE: housekeeping - helps support the intent of this section and section 3.03

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 4.02 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

4.02 Officers are to be elected by active members at an annual general meeting of members and directors by slate.

RATIONALE: eliminate this section, as it is redundant – addressed in 3.04

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 4.07 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

4.7 The Recording Secretary shall attend meetings of the Board of Directors and members and act as a clerk thereof and record all votes and minutes of all proceedings in the books to be kept for that purpose. He/she shall give or cause to be given notice of all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors. He/she shall circulate the appropriate minutes to each board member, active member and chapter member representative as outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual.

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 4.08 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

4.08 The Administrative Secretary shall have custody of the books and records of the Society. He/she shall maintain the Society’s archives as required by provincial and federal regulations and as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual.

RATIONALE: housekeeping - Administrative and Recording Secretaries have been elected positions (Officers) for some years, this addition to bylaw reflects current practices.

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 8.03 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi. Carried.

8.03 At every annual meeting, in addition to any other business that may be transacted, the report of the directors, the financial statement and the report of the auditors shall be presented and auditors appointed for the ensuing year. Elections shall be held each year for the board positions eligible for election. every two (2) years. The eligible voting members may consider and transact any business, either special or general, at any meeting place called for these purposes.

RATIONALE: housekeeping - reflecting elections as defined in section 3.04

MOTION: I move the following changes to section 8.08 of the ACRID Bylaws. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Dona-Marie Rossi.

8.08 Each eligible voting member present at a meeting shall have the right to exercise the number of votes in these By-laws provided for such member. A member may, by means of a written proxy, appoint a proxy holder to attend and act at a specific meeting of members, in the manner and to the extent authorized by the written proxy. A proxy holder must be an eligible voting member of the Society. Any active member in good standing may cast one (1) vote for him/herself and a maximum of two (2) four (4) proxy votes. Written proxies shall be submitted for inspection to the designated officer of the Society, prior to the meeting.

RATIONALE: given that the membership of ACRID has become much more “province wide” it seemed prudent to double the number of proxies allowed. This change will be monitored, and if it becomes problematic (e.g., difficult to achieve quorum at meetings), then the allowable authority to hold proxies may be revisited.

APPLICATION: members at each “notice of meeting” will be reminded of their ability to assign or hold proxies. Members can send unassigned proxies to the ACRID Membership Committee Coordinator in advance of the meeting and the Membership Coordinator will assign the proxy randomly to a member in attendance. Members using proxies are encouraged to give instructions to proxy holders of their opinion and vote preferences, should they have any.

DISCUSSION: There was discussion for and against changing the number of proxies. Those in opposition to the increase explained it would impose too much responsibility on members trying to vote for others. Members should be encouraged to attend meetings themselves rather than pass on their proxies. Those in favor of increasing the number of proxies agreed with the original rationale allowing greater flexibility to out-of-town members to “attend” meetings by entrusting their proxy to the member of their choice. Further discussion resulted in a motion to amend:

MOTION TO AMEND: I move to amend the by-law to reflect a maximum of six (6) proxy votes. MOVED by Leanne Villett-Walls and SECONDED by Janice Manchul.

DISCUSSION: Discussion for and against the amendment to the motion ensued. The question of quorum was discussed. At this time, ACRID has 111 voting members. With the current maximum proxy number of 2, we have exceeded quorum for this meeting. There was some concern expressed that having a high proxy number would create a situation that would allow a few people to impact the decisions for many. Theoretically, it would require 10 people holding the maximum amount of proxies to carry motions without the benefit of the input provided by the proxy members. It was pointed out that upcoming motions are listed in the AGM package allowing proxy holders to receive the input and direction when accepting proxies. Concern was expressed because input was not possible for motions arising from discussion during the meeting. It was stated that most proxies are given to holders who have opinions similar to their own and therefore trust that member to vote accordingly.

VOTE: 25 in favor / 20 opposed / 2 abstentions Motion to amend carried.

MOTION NOW READS: I move the following changes to section 8.08 of the ACRID Bylaws {six (6) proxy votes}. MOVED by Leanne Villett-Walls and SECONDED by Janice Manchul.

VOTE: 25 in favor / 20 opposed / 2 abstentions Carried

DISCUSSION: There was a question regarding if a change to the By-laws required a certain percentage of a majority vote in order to be passed. The Parliamentarian answered that the By-laws state a majority vote is required. A suggested from the floor was to consider that the Societies Act required a 2/3rd majority vote. It was decided that we are bound by the current By-laws as stated, but that the Committee will check for Societies Act compliance.

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8. New Business

a) Community Updates

CONNECT SOCIETY - Colleen Robinson, Patricia Conrad
Patricia Conrad – EIS is currently meeting with the Courts to investigate the possibility of Court Interpreters being booked through EIS. Deanna Brouet and Rita Smith were introduced as the new staff working with Sigrid Gariepy at EIS. Extended office hours for the Service were announced. The new email address – [email protected] - is to be used for assignment messages only. There will be a meeting for EIS roster interpreters on April 12 at Connect Society from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Interpreters are requested to attend the meeting to learn about the changes to the AHRE contract.
Colleen Robinson – announced that she is retiring and will be leaving in June after 24 ½ years of service. She has been asked and will continue to provide assistance with special projects currently underway. An interim Director will be appointed until the permanent Director is hired.

b) Financial Motions – Lorraine Rutledge

MOTION: MOVED by Lorraine Rutledge and SECONDED by Lynn Moroz that ACRID remain with the accounting firm of Eric J. Greene Professional Corporation, to complete the financial statements for 2004. Carried.

c) Membership Dues – Tracy Hetman

MOTION: I move that the fee for ACRID Active Membership be raised to $50.00 per year beginning with the 2006/2007 {NEXT} membership year. MOVED by Tracy Hetman and SECONDED by Fern Heffernan. Carried.

RATIONALE: With decreasing revenue from Bingos and the need for the organization to become much more financially independent, a raise in fees seems prudent.

DISCUSSION: Tracy Hetman advised that membership dues be raised from $30 to $50 beginning in the year 2006 – 2007 due to the financial support needed by the organization. The membership dues were last raised 2 or 3 years ago. In answer to a question from the floor, at this time, it is not known if AVLIC plans to also raise their dues.

d) Fee Grid – Dona-Marie Rossi

MOTION: MOVED by Dona-Marie Rossi and SECONDED by Janice Manchul that the Suggested Fee Grid for Active Members in Edmonton Community Settings be recalculated to reflect a cost of living increase, based on the Consumer Price Index, effective January, 2006. Carried.

RATIONALE: The figures shown in the current fee grid are identified as being valid until December 2005. Changes to the fee grid will be based on a percentage determined by averaging the inflation rates form the last year the grid was revised (2002) to the most recent rates available at the time of the revision. Consumer Price Index percentages for 2004 will not be available until later in the year. This motion is being made in advance of the CPI percentages in order to include an updated version of the fee grid in the Fall 2005 Directory.

e) Presentations

Carol Arink called Darlene Karran to accept a gift from RID in recognition of her years of service as President of ACRID, an RID Affiliate Chapter.

Jody Morrison presented Donna Korpiniski with a certificate of Honorary Lifetime membership for her 10 years of service on the Board.

Carol Arink announced that she is stepping down as Past President. Jody thanked Carol for her services as Past President and presented her with a gift.

9. Elections – Diane DeAndrade

Diane DeAndrade announced that Shayla Thompson is stepping down from the Vice President position and requests her name stand for a Director position. The vacant Board positions were again announced to the membership, and a call for nominations from the floor was requested.

Discussion: There was a question from the floor about the position of Past President being an elected position. It was explained that if the currently eligible Past President or past Vice President declined the position, it became open for nominations and election. Some members remembered the position being a “Member-at-Large” position versus an “Officer” position and wondered if it had been changed when the By-laws revised the term from ’Member-at-large’ to ‘Director’. The appropriate By-law was read to clarify the circumstances that made the Past President directorship an elected position. It was stated that the by-law was a standard paragraph in accordance with and parallel to the AVLIC By-laws. The Nominations Committee offered the position to the Past Presidents in attendance; they declined, thereby making the position eligible for election. Discussion ensued that only someone who has formerly held the position of ACRID President should hold the position of Past President. After nominations and elections, the Board composition for the 2005-2006 term is as follows:

  • Vice-President: Dona-Marie Rossi
    nominated, won by acclamation
  • Administrative Secretary: Lorraine Rutledge
    nominated, won by acclamation
  • Treasurer: Elaine Cotton
    nominated, won by acclamation
  • Past President: Janice Manchul
    nominated, won by acclamation
  • Director Positions: Shayla Thompson
    nominated, won by acclamation
  • Andrea Fraser, nominated
    won by acclamation
  • Jen Gehring
    nominated, won by acclamation
  • Deanna Brouet, nominated
    won by acclamation

10. Announcements

Laurie Ann Wheeler – Introduced herself as being new in Edmonton from Calgary and thanked the Edmonton community for its support.

Donna Korpiniski – Protection of Title Committee Meeting was March 5, 2005. The next meeting is April 1, 2005 in Didsbury, Alberta.

Lorraine Rutledge - On May 20, 2005, the Alberta School for the Deaf is having its 50th Anniversary. They are looking for volunteers to serve lunch. Please contact Denise Shalagan (439-3323) if you are interested in volunteering.

Jody Morrison – The AVLIC 2005 AGM will be hosted in Edmonton, AB, June 4 & 5, 2005.

11. Adjournment

March 26, 2006

Activities to date:

§ Submitted two letters of support for the Lakeland Interpreter program.
§ Chaired the AVLIC 2005 AGM Planning Committee.
§ Attended the AVLIC 2005 AGM, Presidents’ meeting, and related events.
§ Compiled and submitted the “AVLIC AGM Planning Committee’s Reference Document” to the AVLIC Board for future reference.
§ Assisted with updating of the Policies & Procedures manual.
§ Attended EIS Advisory committee meetings.
§ Forwarded AB Merge Committee item to the Board.
§ Assisted with and attended the “Demystifying Legal Interpreting” Summer Institute.
§ Have maintained contact with RID, participated in May/05 conference call.
§ Attended the AVLIC Membership Criteria meeting, October 22, 2005.
§ Met with and have corresponded with the Protection of Title committee.
§ Attended the Sorenson’s VRS meeting, Thursday, January 26, 2006.
§ Submitted President’s newsletter article/update
§ Proofread Directory and ACRID Express
§ Continually communication with membership and Board
§ Maintained contact with AVLIC

Ongoing initiatives:

§ Continue as Board Liaison to AB Merge Committee.

ACRID Donations since March 2005:

§ T-shirts to ASD students for the Grad Silent Auction
§ T-shirts to RID Conference, silent auction
§ Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the Board voted to suspend all monetary donations for one year, upon which time the situation will be re-evaluated.

Respectfully submitted,
Jody Morrison

Vice President
Activities to date:

· In addition to the duties assigned by the portfolio, I accomplished my individual goal: Completed the updated version of the Policies Document

Ongoing activities:

Continuing goals for this portfolio include the completion of:
· Bylaw amendments
· Procedures Document

Respectfully submitted,
Dona-Marie Rossi

Administrative Secretary
Activities to date:

· In addition to duties of the Administrative Secretary, assisted with the Treasurer Portfolio
· Formally changed ACRID’s address and monitored status and incoming mail

Respectfully submitted,
Lorraine Rutledge

Activities to date:

In addition to the duties of Treasurer, I:
· Edited Special Events Policies/Procedures
· Met with fellow Board Member for proofreading said documents
· Retrieved ACRID mail from House 144
· Took meeting minutes when necessary
· Met with various ACRID members to get feedback about Social Event ideas
· Planned evening Social Event for part of 2006 ACRID AGM weekend
· Member of the AVLIC AGM planning committee
· Assisted PD Director with upcoming PD events

It has been my pleasure to serve you, the Membership, this past year. Being a part of this Board has really made me feel like a part of this community and I thank you for your support.
Respectfully submitted,
Deanna Brouet

Activities to date:

· Development and distribution of 2005 Winter ACRID Express
· Set up free trial with Adobe PDF maker online for conversions of newsletters for posting on ACRID website
· Development and distribution of 2005 Spring ACRID Express (first online newsletter)
· Collected information and took digital pictures of members for the directory
· Developed and distributed 2005 ACRID Directory
· Developed and distributed 2005 Fall ACRID Express
· Developed procedure outlining duties of the Publications portfolio
· Developed and distributed 2006 Winter newsletter

Ongoing Activities:

· Update newsletter archives- backup all newsletters on cd format and have newsletters bound into book format
· Develop an ACRID information sheet in place of the brochure

Respectfully Submitted,
Jen Gehring

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Activities to date:

· Picked up and distributed sale items.
· Contacted members regarding volunteering for fundraising events.
· Submitted fundraising events information and dates to ACRID Express.
· Contacted and submitted a letter explaining ACRID as a non-profit organization to several Sobey’s grocery stores as application to participate in BBQ fundraising during summer 2005. I was able to get 3 hot dog BBQ weekends (6 BBQ days in total) at two different Sobey’s locations.
· Only 3 volunteers were required for each day. 5 Sobey’s BBQ days in total were done (instead of 6 due to lack of volunteers for July 24). Total funds raised from hot dog BBQ’s was $491.45.
· Attended West Edmonton Mall Bingo Association A.G.M. Wednesday May 18, 2005 at Woodvale Community Centre. Disbursement cheques given out to all clubs were smaller than usual due a contingency fund WEMBA held that was equivalent to 3 months operating costs. This fund was held due to the anticipated drop in bingo attendance because of the smoking bylaw that took effect July 2005.
· Contacted other bingo halls to inquire about openings for ACRID in an attempt to get evening and weekend bingos in the hopes of getting more volunteers. This is not feasible due to license issues, as well there are many bingo halls closing due to the smoking bylaw. There are many non-profit organizations that are trying to get in with Caesars at West Edmonton Mall as they may be one of only four halls left open in Edmonton by the end of the year.
· Volunteered for 2 WEMBA bingos (instead of 3 due to a lack of volunteers)
· Researched Alberta Gaming and updated ACRID fundraising policies and procedures.
· Attended WEMBA bingo swap and gave away 12 weekday bingo dates, kept 3 weekday summer bingos, picked up 1 extra weekday summer bingo, and picked up 2 weekend bingos. Total of 6 bingos planned for January 2006 to January 2007.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Gustafson

Professional Development
Activities to date:

· met with presenter Greg Evans and organized Summer Institute
· duties related to Summer Institute
· met with consultant re: ACRID PD contracts and policies
· revised ACRID’s PD contract and cancellation policy
· reviewed and revised PD’s policy and procedures
· communicated with AVLIC re: future TOI workshops
· booked interpreters re: workshops and AGM
· booked ASD for ACRID events (Town Hall, workshops, AGM)
· met with workshop presenter Rob Chubb, planned event
· contacted ACRID members regarding organization updates

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ACRID board for the wonderful experience they have provided me over the last three years. I will be stepping down, as I no longer have the time available to continue volunteering in such a capacity for our community. I would like to extend my appreciation to all of those people who supported me in this portfolio - sincere thanks!
Best of luck to the new board…what was the “Friends” theme song…..”I’ll be there for you” J
Respectfully submitted,
Andrea Konowalec


It has been my pleasure to serve on the ACRID Board during the last four years. During that time I have fulfilled by regular duties of attending board meetings, maintaining the membership database, processing memberships and assisting the Publications Committee with the ACRID Directory. I also prepared and maintained the e-mail distribution list. I have prepared reports for meetings as required and presented the credentials report at each general meeting. I will not be returning to the board for the next term; though I would like to encourage each member reading this report to consider serving on the board in some capacity or another, it is a rewarding, challenging and an educational experience, no matter what you background as an interpreter.

Upcoming activities for this portfolio include working with AVLIC to phase in any changes that may come by membership ratification at the conference in Toronto regarding membership criteria and categories.

Membership 2005/6 (divided between Northern, Southern Alberta, and outside the province):

Category (403) Region (780) Region Other Total
Dual Active 36 64 5 105
Active 2 2
Dual Supporting 0
Supporting 1 5 6
Organizational 1 1
Exempt 3 1 4
Total 40 71 7 118

Total membership 2003/4 = 122
Total membership 2004/5 = 118

Respectfully submitted,
Tracy Hetman

ACRID Committee Reports
ACRID AGM March 26, 2006
  • Alberta Merge Committee: Committee inactive for past year. One item brought to committee’s attention, deferred to the Board by Committee Board Liaison.
  • AVLIC 2005 AGM Planning Committee: Mandate accomplished, committee dissolved.
  • ByLaws Committee: Presenting changes during ACRID Special Meeting during the March 26, 2006 AGM.
  • Protection of Title: Board suspended activities of the committee. Rationale and motion will be presented during the March 26, 2006 ACRID AGM.
  • V.I.P. Committee: Investigating the previous plan, will continue researching recognition ideas for the next volunteer appreciation party.

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    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    If you are unable to attend the 2006 AGM, ACRID encourages you, as an active member, to forward a proxy. To avoid too many proxies being assigned to one person, if you wish, you may send your proxy unassigned, identifying your voting preferences.

    The membership coordinator will assign the proxies to active members present at the meeting in accordance to the bylaws.

    By-Law - Proxy - 8.07

    "Each eligible voting member present at a meeting shall have the right to exercise his/her vote. A member may, by means of a written proxy, appoint a proxy holder to attend and act at a specific meeting of members, in the manner and to the extent authorized by the written proxy. A proxy holder must be an eligible voting member of the society; any active member in good standing may cast one (1) vote for him/herself and a maximum of two (2) proxy votes. Written proxies shall be submitted for inspection to the designated officer of the society, prior to the meeting."

    Any questions or concerns please contact:
    Jody Morrison at [email protected] or (780) 498-2809
    or Tracy Hetman at [email protected] or (780) 435-1156


    A.C.R.I.D. AGM
    Sunday, March 26, 2006
    6240-113 STREET
    12:00 p.m. – 4:00 pm

    If you are unable to attend the 2006 AGM, ACRID encourages you as an ACTIVE member to submit your proxy. Each proxy holder is limited to holding two proxies; therefore, members may submit unassigned proxies, with instructions of voting preferences. You may choose to forward your proxy vote by mailing it to the A.C.R.I.D. address or by sending it with a designate.

    Name: _________________________________________

    Address: _______________________________________

    Telephone: ______________________________________

    I hereby authorize _______________________ to carry my proxy vote for the March 26, 2006, A.C.R.I.D. AGM.

    Signature: ____________________ Date: ____________

    If mailing your proxy, please forward by March 18th, 2006 to:

    6240-113 Street
    Edmonton, AB.
    T6H 3L2

    *Active members may hold 2 proxies in addition to their own.*

    ACRID Annual General Meeting
    Nomination Procedures
    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    All those who accept the nominations, may submit a brief paragraph, introducing themselves, that will be distributed prior to the A.G.M., OR, they stand and give a brief introduction of themselves at the A.G.M.

    After the nominee introductions are completed, we will hold an individual private ballot for each person.

    When the ballots are counted, the new directors will be introduced, these directors will be serving a two-year term.

    If you would like to submit a nomination (your name or someone else’s) or have any questions or concerns, please contact Diane De Andrade at (780) 428-0188.

    Elections 2006
    All Board positions are open to election.
    Summary of Board Duties

    There are several duties that are common to all Board positions. All Board members are required to attend monthly meetings and update the membership about the activities of the organization. They also work together on a variety of committees in response to the issues and directives of the membership. As ACRID representatives, board members liaise with the community to advance the awareness and future of the profession. Other duties are specific to the position held on the Board. For a more detailed description, please feel welcome to contact the ACRID Board or the member currently holding the position of interest.

    This summary is designed to provide a general description of those duties and responsibilities.

    Special Events Portfolio:
    This director coordinates events such as the AGM, general and special meetings and the volunteer appreciation party. Other duties include maintaining a calendar of events being hosted by other community organizations.

    Public Relations Portfolio:
    This director is responsible for representing, promoting, and sharing information about ACRID and the profession of interpreting. The duties include attending information sessions at sign classes or booths at career fairs, and liaising with other organizations within the community.

    Fundraising Portfolio:
    The director of this portfolio is responsible for; coordinating the bingos, fundraising events, ACRID merchandise and maintaining volunteer information. This director also coordinates events such as the AGM, general and special meetings, and the volunteer appreciation party.

    Professional Development Portfolio:
    The responsibilities of this director are to coordinate workshops and dinner lectures throughout the year. Duties also include hosting a week-long summer institute in alternate years of the AVLIC conference.

    Regional Liaison Portfolio:
    This portfolio was developed to maintain communications with our members throughout the province. The duties of this director are to liaise with communities across Alberta to ensure the issues and needs of all our members are brought to the Board's attention.

    Publications Portfolio: (Jen Gehring - name standing)
    The director of this portfolio is responsible for the production and distribution of the newsletter and the directory. Other duties would include overseeing the printing of any other promotional materials such as the ACRID brochure.

    Membership Portfolio:
    The portfolio requires this director to process and maintain current membership information. The duties include being a liaison with AVLIC and coordinating information sharing through email distribution

    Treasurer: (Lorraine Rutledge nominated)
    The treasurer is responsible for the monies and accounts of the organization. The duties include keeping ACRID’s financial records, transactions and obligations current.

    Recording Secretary:
    Record, prepare, distribute and file minutes of the Association’s meetings. Maintain the Minutes and Motions books, and coordinate preparation and distribution of General Meeting packages – agenda, reports, proxies, etc.

    Administrative Secretary:
    The administrative secretary’s duties are divided between the office and the resource library. Duties in the office include the day-to-day business of mail, phone/fax messages, and the maintenance of ACRID files and archives. The resource library requires arranging time for the lending and returning of items and expanding the inventory of resources available to members.

    Vice-President: (Dona-Marie Rossi – name standing)
    The vice-president works in coordination with the president. In addition to assisting other board members and committees as needed, in the case of the president's absence, the vice president assumes presidential duties.

    President: (Jody Morrison – name standing)
    The president is responsible for the representation and general management of the affairs of the organization. This includes presiding at meetings and ensuring that all orders of the Board and the members are carried into effect. The president represents or supervises ACRID's representation on boards and committees of consumer and stakeholder organizations.

    Karen Sheets also running for position.

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