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Your Board of Directors consists of Active members who volunteer their time, serving for a minimum of two years in any given position to a maximum position of four years, at which time they may resign or move on to another position. Our Active Members vote our Board into their positions biannually at our Annual General Meeting. ACRID would like to thank these people and all the others who share their time and expertise to support and enhance our growing profession.

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Board of Directors:

President: Jody Morrison [email protected]

Vice-President: Dona-Marie Rossi [email protected]

Treasurer: Deanna Brouet [email protected]

Recording Secretary: Diane DeAndrade [email protected]

Administrative Secretary: Lorraine Rutledge - [email protected]

Publications: Jen Gehring [email protected]

Prof. Dev: Andrea Fraser [email protected]

Membership: Tracy Hetman [email protected]

Fundraising: Janice Keller [email protected]

Public Rel: Shayla Thompson [email protected]

Provincial Liaison: Karen Sheets [email protected]

Special Events: Vacant

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