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1. President

  • As outlined in by-laws
  • Ex Officio to all committees
  • Liaison to AVLIC Board of Directors
  • Signing authority
  • liaison to ACRID Grievance ad hoc committee

2. Vice President

  • As outlined in by-laws
  • Oversee annual conferring of the ACRID Bursary
  • Oversee service awards and honourary gifts
  • Liaison to ACRID Grievance ad hoc committee

3. Recording Secretary

  • As outlined in by-laws
  • Record, prepare, distribute and file minutes of Board meetings
  • Record, prepare, distribute and file minutes of General Membership meetings
  • Coordinate preparation and distribution of General Membership meeting packages (reports proxies, agenda et cetera)
  • Coordinate and respond to correspondence

4. Administrative Secretary

  • Manage the resources in the ACRID office (materials/resources library, office filing etc)
  • Maintain the books of the association (minutes, motions, policy manual, Board of Director's binders, et cetera)
  • Oversee the printing of ACRID stationery

5. Treasurer

  • As outlined in by-laws
  • Prepare records for audit, manage financial resources,
  • authorize deposits/withdrawals
  • Oversee insurance, prepare association's budgets
  • Signing Authority

6. Professional Development Coordinator

  • Coordinate PD events (workshops, dinner lectures, summer institute etc)
  • Coordinate special events (volunteer party, general meetings, Meet the Board Night)

7. Publications Coordinator

  • Coordinate development, printing and distribution of ACRID publications (Newsletter, Directory)

8. Membership Coordinator

  • Process memberships (distribute forms, handle applications and fees, receipts, membership cards, letters to members)
  • Prepare Monthly remittance forms for both ACRID and AVLIC
  • Maintain Database with current membership info (forward changes to AVLIC as required)
  • Data entry of all ACRID members for the past 22 years
  • ACRID rep on AVLIC Membership Committee

9. Public Relations Coordinator

  • Coordinate representation with community groups (Connect Society, RID, AVLIC, AVLISA, Chapter Affiliates, Police Department, Health Care facilities, AAD, EAD, etc)
  • Coordinate information sessions for community groups /events (ASL classed, AEIP & SLSP, Deaf Awareness Days, in-service training, etc)

10. Fundraising Coordinator

  • Oversee operations of BINGO (can be delegated to BINGO coordinator)
  • Oversee Marketing of ACRID Merchandise
  • Other initiatives will be defined from term to term

11. Member-at-large

  • Special projects (which may be defined at a general meeting)
  • Duties as assigned

12. Past President

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